Why Worship at CTV?


Let everything that has breath praise the LORD! - Psalm 150


Worship Times:

  • 10:00 am - Sundays

  • 7:00 pm - Wednesdays (Only during Advent and Lent)

Why worship at CTV?

Worship at Christ the Vine is a vital part of our spiritual health.  We go to the gym and we go on all sorts of diets to make sure that we stay healthy physically.  What can we do to remain spiritually healthy?

That is really the whole point of worship at CTV.  Worship is a way in which we acknowledge our God and the things he does for us. When we sing our songs and say our prayers we not only thank God for these things, but we also remind ourselves of these things. Worship is about praising God, but it is also about growing.  


What is worship like at CTV?

We are a litrugical church. Basically, this means that every single part of our worship service points you to Christ. The liturgy has many different parts and is very old, but that doesn't mean it is outdated.  Many of these parts are repeated every week. Sometimes they are set to different melodies. Sometimes they aren't sung at all, but are only spoken.  In recent years, the use of the liturgy has fallen out of use in "mainstream" church bodies. But at CTV we mean to proclaim Christ at every turn. A liturgical worship service truly does proclaim Christ as much as possible.

Lutheran churches have often been called the singing churches. We like to sing. We sing hymns, psalms, songs. Music is very important to us. Martin Luther once said, "Next to God, music deserves highest praise." At CTV, we use organ, piano, guitar, flute, and several other instruments and singers. But whatever we do, whatever music we pick, whatever instrument we play, we do it all for the glory of God. We have a rich message to proclaim, and our music reflects that.